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clean attribution

Automatic Unique Coupon Codes

No pre-made lists, no generic codes, no leaked codes to Coupon Websites.
All codes are created on the form level, dynamically populated and added into Shopify only when they are unlocked by a customer. Show unique codes to people when they sign up, not just via email later.


Multiple Offer Targeting

The customer journey isn't one size fits all, yet most brands give the same discount to everyone that visits their website.
Create specific offers for different types of traffic, organic, paid, even break down by URL, utm, and other variables.
No more one and done for everyone.

First and second purchase

Multi-Use Unique Coupon Codes

Have a subscription business? Want someone to feel confident to try something a few times on discount and promote a second purchase without waiting for another offer or having them cancel their subscription due to price? Spin up a multi-use unique coupon code and allow the subscriber to use the coupon multiple times within a time period.

Protect first time aov

Gift Card Signups

Ever wanted to give away something that subscribers had to come back to use. We created gift card signups just for this reason, preserve the first time Average Order Value, while incentivizing them to come back and order more a second time. Gift Cards are redeemed 80% of the time in 12 months.
Gift Cards require checkout to be claimed and saw a near 40% opt-in rate.

Secret gifts

Add to Cart Signups

Give people a free gift when they signup via a form, it will get added behind the scenes, prefer to have it be unlocked if subscriber purchases something, not a problem, we can make that happen too.

Tiered discounts

Increase the Discount for Data

Encourage your subscribers to provide you more data for a larger discount. All frictionlessly. Want to compensate someone with a bigger discount for providing you their email and their phone number, we can do that. Want to take advantage of motivating people to provide even more information, we can do that too.

gated access

Require a Signup for Access

Using existing parameters we can target both new and subscribed users based on their past behavior within Shopify, meaning you can target people that are subscribed with certain data combinations or those that have purchased previously, spent a certain amount of money, or any number of characteristics.
Have a special offer you don't want to make public, require a signup to access a link to access it.

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