About Us

We like solving problems at the intersection of Data and Privacy.


Jon Ivanco
Everything Non-Technical

Not Shy.

A brand strategist with over 15 years of marketing experience working on process improvement.

Jon has been responsible for bringing data driven processes to life for clients such as LIFX, ROLI, Latticework, and many others.

He currently advises eCommerce companies on creating integrated data structures to drive predictable growth.

When Jon isn’t busy helping companies, he can be found on the golf course fighting with his swing.

He's active on LinkedIn.

: linkedin.com/in/jivanco


Giancarlo Buomprisco
Everything Technical


A Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience working for startups, software houses, and top-tier financial institutions in London, UK.

Giancarlo has developed products in the financial sector such as execution trading platforms, pre and post-execution analytics tools.

His efforts led to the improvement of modern web technologies within traditional banks, bringing products to market on par with the most established competitors.

When not coding, Giancarlo can be spotted at the gym or eating delicious street food in Italy.

Email: giancarlo@formtoro.com
: linkedin.com/in/gbuomprisco

Heidi Klein
Legal Advisor
Everything Legal


A transactional lawyer with over 8 years of experience working with startups with a focus on commercial transactions and privacy.

Heidi has spent her career working with everyone from startups to public traded companies and negotiated against companies of all sizes and statuses.

With a background in privacy law and advocate of privacy she provides guidance in the every changing world of privacy and data collection.

When not providing advice, she's an avid gamer and can be found conquering new lands outside of the real world.


Luis Albuja
Everything Sales

Not Shy.

A brand strategist with over 5 years of marketing experience working across the entire marketing stack.

Luis started his career in email marketing and direct response before moving into a full stack marketer handling emails, ads, landing pages, and data collection with analysis.

He currently advises eCommerce companies on integrating zero party data to drive predictable growth while advocating for Formtoro.

When Luis isn’t busy helping companies, he can be found doing Brazilian Jujitsu and hitting the gym.

: linkedin.com/in/luisalbuja-themezenger