Everyone has questions, here are some of the common ones.

Q: What is the average completion rate on multi-step forms?
Completion rate depends on a variety of factors, the offer, the number of questions, and the types of questions asked.

A low offer will result in a lower opt-in rate plus less incentive to finish multiple questions. A solid offer will result in more signups and people more willing to provide more data points.

Questions that ask for personal information like birthday or phone number will reduce completion rates. Phone numbers specifically reduce completion rates by around 25% even when a skip button is on the step.

On the store we do most of our testing on we regularly see 90%+ completion rates when between 4-5 questions are asked in addition to an email address without asking for a phone number.

We can't stress enough that quality of audience will play a role here.

We call them Frictionless Forms because the vast majority of these high intent visitors provide full data as long as you keep the questions to multiple choice and focused on the customer journey.
Q: What happens if someone doesn't finish all the steps?
All of our forms have live data collection, meaning as soon as a step is completed whether through a submit button or selecting an answer to a multiple choice question the data is logged even if someone does not finish all the steps.

This means you do not lose out on collecting any emails if someone drops off beyond the first step. Your email capture rate remains the exact same.

We call this a win-win with 99%+ providing at least one data point.
Q: How do I sell my boss/client on Formtoro?
Until everyone in ecommerce treats tools the same as ad spend...

The way to get buy-in at your company or with your client is to lead with a series of questions that make data collection an obvious choice.

First question, what is the subscription to conversion rate from our signup forms?

Most companies don't actively track this rate, instead focused on their signup percentage and the number of signups they get, neither of these matter in the long run, we're only after understanding how many subscribe and how many of those convert.

Second question, do we know why some people that sign up convert and others do not end up purchasing?

Even if you are tracking your subscription to conversion rate it's highly unlikely that there is data being collected that can identify the reasons why some of those that signed up convert vs. others that sign up do not convert.

Third question, do we have any idea why people are signing up at all other than for a discount with the intention of purchasing?

By now you will have established that not only are you not tracking the subscription to conversion rate but there is no qualitative reason why some people are signing up and converting while others are not. Collectively we're lacking the necessary inputs to affirmatively answer why people are signing up.

Then you say, "I heard of a company called Formtoro, using their strategy brands are seeing on average 20% increases in signup rates and 5-10% increase in first time revenue, what's even better is they offer a 30-day free trial with most companies making enough extra revenue to cover an entire year before spending a dollar."

We're here to help you up with setup and implementation and we don't start your 30-day free trial until you publish your first form, not when you sign up.
Q: Do you help with setup and implementation?
Our goal is to make sure you can get up and running, all onboarding is done with a team member, recorded, and comes with a full Q&A. You'll also be provided Slack access for your team for any ongoing questions you have.

For more advanced configurations and strategy, just reach out for a quote.
Q: How long does it take to get setup?
Complete setup takes less than an hour with full design and question organization.

Connecting Shopify and Klaviyo - 10 mins
Form design - 10 mins
Form questions - 20 mins
Swapping forms - 5 mins
Q: You do popups, quizzes, and post purchase surveys?

We started with popups as they are the highest intent portion of the journey, these are still our bread and butter. These are the highest impact data collection point.

We also do quizzes, but rather than provide a list of products at the end we advise brands to instead built contextual landing pages telling quiz takers why they selected the products they did for them based on their answers. From our experience far too often the quiz experience seeks to diagnose versus allow discovery within a range of products.

We also do post purchase surveys, this allows us to unify the data across all zero party data collection touchpoints.

For a full view of how all these things work, check out our store at formtoro.myshopify.com
Q: Who do you integrate with?
We integrate primarily with Shopify, Klaviyo, and Facebook Ads.

We also support Sendlane, Yotpo (Coming Soon), Beehiiv, ConvertKit, Drip, and Listrak for email providers.

We additionally support Attentive and Voyage for SMS.

We connect with Google Ads and you can unlock many connections with Zapier.

Don't see an integration you need, just get in touch.
Q: Do you have any case studies?
After consulting in the ecommerce space for the number of years, we've realized that most case studies are unique when dealing with data collection and creating customer journeys.

We're data first and believe in total transparency.

We prefer to let you run your own tests during your 30-day free trial, we'll even show you how to set them up to prevent any slight of hand or skewed results.

Every brand who's core business is selling products to their audience has made enough extra money using our built in strategies to pay for our service with a monthly ROI conservatively 15x with some stores more than 40x returns before data is taken into account.

We do a lot of testing on KrakatoaUnderwear.com.
Q: What size brands are a good fit for Formtoro?
Formtoro is suitable for all size brands as data is valuable to brands of all sizes. We currently support brands that do millions of subscribers per year and hundreds of millions of revenue all the way down to brands doing less than a million a year with less than 10,000 subscribers per year.

Our sliding scale for pricing is designed uniquely to generate enough additional revenue with our form setup to pay for a year of service extra within 30 days or less.
Q: What does support look like?
We provide support via email and slack.

We provide video recordings as well of any support issues when possible.

If appropriate we will schedule a call troubleshoot any technical issues.

Additionally, we have full self serve documentation complete with videos to answer most questions.

We will not be able to provide any strategic help pertaining to your data, we do however have some really great courses we can recommend.

You can find more advanced courses at jonivanco.com
Q: Do you offer services to create our forms for us?
We're always here to help with your form creation, we've done a lot of work to have the basics built in with some templating. If you have specific requests we'll work on them to get them situated properly.

If you require more advanced services, just get in touch.
Q: Do you do cashback?
Cashback is just a product, we have built-in capabilities to integrate your cashback product directly into our forms. Historically, in all our testing cashback has not led to increased revenue and conversion rate.
Q: Do you offer spin to win?
Q: Will you ever offer spin to win?