There's the basics, then there's business ready

Formtoro vs. Klaviyo

Formtoro integrates with Klaviyo, we love them as a partner, they have a great platform for email.
We only do forms and data.

not all reports are equal

Contextual Reporting

Formtoro combines qualitative (answers) and quantitative (sales) reporting that you can segment based by answer or answer combination.
Klaviyo doesn't.

logic mapping with live routing

Logic Mapping

Formtoro has configurable logic mapping in signup flows, so you can personalize the questions based on answers.
‍Klaviyo doesn't.

Form KPIs

Form Performance

Formtoro has in-depth form performance reporting including Revenue, Average Order Value, Order Count, and Subscription to Conversion Rates.
‍Klaviyo doesn't.

Forms with Facebook ad performance

Formtoro + Facebook

Formtoro integrates with Facebook Ads to provide quality audience details by campaign, ad set, and ad.
‍Klaviyo doesn't.

Data insights and advice

Actionable Advice

Formtoro integrates has the data that provides actionable advice to help you make more money.
‍Klaviyo doesn't.