Stop trading
a discount for only an
email and phone number.

Formtoro helps you collect the data you need to get the sales you want.


Learn more.
Segment like a boss.
Convert more subscribers.

All by just replacing your popup.

Give your popup superpowers.

Switch to multi-step signups with live data collection.
Go beyond just an email and/or a phone number.
Get responses even if someone drops off.
from the first email send.
All upside, no downside.


Best viewed on desktop.

Frictionlessly increasing the value of your email list.

How effective are multi-step forms?


Our multi-step signup forms average over 90% completion rate with more than 99% of subscribers providing at least one data point.


This results in 38 times the amount of data collected through sending out a survey via email.

Connect with existing platforms

Here's a few of our featured partner integrations:

Get insights from your data

Collecting data only matters if you can use it.

Identify opportunities

Understand what forms are bringing in subscribers and what percentage are purchasing

Understand answer correlation

Connect data trends to revenue, order count, and conversion rate.
These are available at the source, form, campaign, ad set, and ad level.

Segment your data to uncover opportunities

Dynamically filter data combinations to find potential opportunities.

Let's build a customer journey together.